Affiliation Fee Structure

Affiliation Fee Structure for the Academic Session 2023-24 Onward

Sl. NoCoursesPledging Money in INRProposal Book Fee in INRAcademic Fee in INRProcessing Fee in INRSubject Fee in INR
1+3 Arts3.5 lakh1,00030,000/-5,000/-1,000 per subject.
2+3 Commerce3.5 lakh1,00030,000/-5,000/-16,000/- +each Hons. subject 1000/-
3+3 Science3.5 lakh1,00050,000/-5,000/-PCM-14,000/- PCM & CBZ- 16,000/-  +Each Hons. subject Rs. 1000/-
4BPT/BOT/BPO2 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-26,000/-
5B.Sc. Nursing2 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-21,000/-
6B.Ed. (Spl. Edu)10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
7M.Ed. (Spl. Edu)10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
8B.Sc. (Hons.) Biotech10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-13,000/-
9B.Sc. (ITM)10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-37,000/-
10B. Lib & Inf. Science10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-10,000/-
11M.Sc. Bio-tech10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-14.000/-
12M.Sc. Bio-information10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-17,000/-
13M.A. (P.M.I.R)10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-26,000/-
14M. F. C.10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-34,000/-
15M. J. M. C.10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
16BSW10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-19,000/-
17MSW10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
18MA (T.A.)10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
19MA (Social Comm.)10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
20MHA10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-13,000/-
21M.Sc. (Nursing)10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-17,000/-
22BASLP10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-24,000/-
23MASLP10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-14,000/-
24MBBS10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-16,000/-
25BAMS10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-18,000/-
26BHMS10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-18,000/-
27BDS10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-19,000/-
28BCA2 lakh1,0002 lakh25,000/-31,000/-
29BBA2 lakh1,0002 lakh25,000/-30,000/-
30PGDCA2 lakh1,0002 lakh25,000/-12,000/-
31M.Sc. Life Science10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-25,000/-
32M.Sc. Computer Sc.10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-24,000/-
332 years MBA10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-34,000/-
34B.Ed. & B. P.Ed.10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
35IMBA10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-34,000/-
364 years BA, B.Sc. B.Ed.10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
37Mathematics and Data Science10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-34,000/-
38Arts PG3.5 lakh1,00030,000/-5,000/-20,000/-
39Commerce PG3.5 lakh1,00030,000/-5,000/-20,000/-
40Science PG3.5 lakh1,00050,000/-5,000/-20,000/-
41BJMC10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-19,000/-
42MD/MS15 lakh1,00020 lakh50,000/-15,000/- per subject
43M. Lib.10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-10,000/-
44M.A THM10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
45B.Ed. Spl. Edu. HI, VI, MR10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-12,000/-
46M.Sc. Applied Microbiology10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-14,000/-
47MA Applied Psycology3.5 lakh1,00030,000/-5,000/-12,000/-
48B.Sc. Computer Science10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-37,000/-
49MPT/MPO/MOT2 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-26,000/-
50Other Professional/ technical courses10 lakh1,0005 lakh50,000/-15,000/-
51Compulsory Subject Fee    5000/-
52Late Fee    2000/-
53Increase of seats    1000/- per subject