1. To make the students aware on growth and origin of labour 


2. To help the students acquire the knowledge of substantive 

as well as procedural contents of different labour codes.

To develop insights into cases related to labour laws.

3. To develop an insight into the Wage Law.

4. To develop skills in analysing labour issues and its relation 

to different labour legislation

The Indian financial sector is experiencing rapid growth both in terms of a number of institutions and their diversity with several categories of new entities entering the market. The sector comprises:

  • Various types of banks (public sector banks, private sector banks, foreign banks, cooperative banks – urban and rural, regional rural banks, payment banks, small finance banks etc)
  • Various classes of non-banking financial companies (loan, investment, asset finance, microfinance, infrastructure, asset reconstruction, etc), insurance companies (life, general, health and reinsurance)
  • Pension funds, mutual funds and other financial intermediaries that provide banking, insurance and financial services