Consumer behaviour involves the purchasing, and other consumption related activities of people engaging in the exchange process. The study of consumer behaviour field draws its findings from a number of disciplines, viz. anthropology, sociology, social psychology, marketing research, and economics. Consumer behaviour knowledge may be applied in solving both micro and macro marketing problems. Thus, an understanding of the discipline is essential for a marketer who wishes to be successful in the face of competition. The total discussion of this unit has taken in three different lessons. Let’s start the lesson wise discussion.



·         To understand the role of consumer behaviour in marketing

·         To develop the skills to map the consumers mindset

·         To develop understanding on influence of individual determinants on consumer behaviour and its implications in marketing

·         To analyse emerging issues in consumer behaviour

This course aims to provide students the understanding of the structure, organization and working of financial markets and institutions in India.

The objective of the course is 

  • To make the students understand the linkage between 

organisational strategy and HRM strategy

• To familiarize the students with different strategic aspects of HRM & its practical implication

• To help student understand nature of global corporation and its implication for HRM

• To develop skills of students in critically analysing strategic HR issues in domestic and global organisations

The objective of this course is to :-

  • understand the role of business analyst in business.
  • understand the basic concept of business data management and data mining techniques. 
  • understand the basic concept of artificial neural network used in business analysis.
  • understand the decision strategies.