Microbe is a broad and some what general one which embraces the biological organisms that are characterized principally by their small size. 

The objective of this course to impact knowledge of the basic principle about the micro organisms which are commercially used to produce primary and secondary metabolites, bio films, vaccines, single cell protein, vaccine, drugs, vitamins, good products and so on. 

Plant tissue culture is defined as culturing plant seeds, organs, explants, tissues, cells, or protoplasts on a chemically defined synthetic nutrient media under sterile and controlled conditions of light, temperature, and humidity.

The course will enable students to

  • Identify edible and poisonous mushrooms
  • Gain the knowledge of cultivation of different types of edible mushrooms and spawn production.
  • Learn a means of self employment and income generation.

This course deals with basic knowledge of plant Biochemistry and gives idea about different biomolecules  in plant. 

Biostatistics plays and extremely significant role in addressing important medical and public health challenges. In the context of ever-growing problems in public health domains, it is important to address them in more quantified way so that health and well-being of people are maintained. This course is dedicated to deliver statistical concepts and methods that can be applied for the researches in public health domain.