NGOs are primarily aimed at serving the community at large, specially the disempowered and working for their welfare. Millions of illiterate, poor, impoverished and disadvantaged citizens are marginalized and unable to lead a life of dignity. Some among us feel the need to do something meaningful, to engage in working towards realization of various public goods for other citizens, more particularly the excluded, poor and marginalized. These people are committed to and value the spirit of ‘service’ to society. When like-minded people who want to ‘serve’ their community and society at large decide to work together in a structured way, they form what is today commonly called an NGO.

After completing this unit, the Trainee will be familiar with:

  • The relevance of an NGO and the rationale behind its formation;
  • Definitions, characteristics and classification of NGOs;
  • Evolution of NGOs along various development frameworks, and the different    approaches towards it; and
  • The growing role of NGOs in developing countries and etc...